In 2006, Leo Ghirardelli and Pamela Torliatt founded Progressive Pastures.  It began with a vision to make Leo’s parent’s land a working farm again and produce good, healthy, local foods.  Located in the unincorporated area of West Petaluma, we started our beef cattle operation.  We certified our pasture organic through CCOF, constructed a hay barn and built grazing paddocks.  It was important to us we fed 100% organic feed to our herd. Our choice was to start out with organic grass fed beef cattle and expand our operation.  Together, we want to continue to embrace the area we grew up in and where our families have been for generations.  We share the experience of growing up in West Petaluma, on different ranches, producing food for market and being an example of sustainable agriculture.

Leo Ghirardelli  707-765-9220

Pamela Torliatt 707-763-6825

Fax: 707-769-4253