Grow the mind to grow the soil to grow the food that strengthens the community

Petaluma Community Guildrs, Tara & Craig Smith are hosting another Farm Dinner! Here’s more information, courtesy of their website:

Farm Dinner

We all know that the best quality food comes from small farms who put the love and energy into producing it. The Farm Dinner is your unique opportunity to experience and taste food produced, prepared and served all at the same place by Tara Firma Farms! As farmers we are passionate about food and when it comes to meals we are fortunate to have the freshest, best quality ingredients (literally!). This is our chance to share this gift with you!



5pm– Tour of the Farm

6:30pm– Dinner is Served

7pm– “The Future of Food”  – Tara Smith

barn dance june 22-1317


Everything that we serve is completelyorganic and free of any kind of chemicals.

Check back for an updated menu!

$65 per seat 

$55 for members (with code)

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